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WHAT’S UP!! Welcome my website.

The Golden Age of Hip-Hop.

This site exists solely for me to showcase some of my favourite music from the greatest era of hip-hop… The 1990s.

Hip-hop is ever-growing and at the moment there are some amazing artists in the genre but I believe that if it wasn’t for the way the 90s shaped hip-hip the evolution of this genre would be very different. I can’t say for certain that it would have been any better or worse but in my opinion the 90s melded hip-hop into what it is these days and for the future of this category of music.

Hip-hop is my life and my life is hip-hop. I believe everybody has a bit of hip-hop in their heart and soul, it’s just that some of us wear it on our sleeves.

Whether it’s Gangsta Rap, Breakbeat, Boom Bap, Horrorcore, Underground Rap or even Trap (for which I am not the biggest fan of but can still respect) hip-hop is an attitude, a bravado and a way of life. It can get a bad rap (no pun intended) sometimes but at its core hip-hop is an expression and a form of art that stands out and gets all up in your face, it has something to shout about and isn’t afraid to vocalise it.

I want to use this site to give praise to and hopefully open some people’s eyes and ears to the great genre that is HIP-HOP!!! Enjoy.



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