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Favourite 90s Hip-Hop Artists

Aesop Rock:

Aesop Rock is one of those artists you have either heard about or you haven’t. Although he has had some amazing success he remains pretty underground. For me he is one of the most clever lyricists there has ever been in Hip-Hop. His use of metaphors both blow me away and baffle me, some of his punchlines have taken me years to finally understand. To some this could possibly put them off his lyrics but for me this put him up there with all the greats. His style and delivery are truly unique, I love his oddness and no need conform to conventions, this makes him stand out from the crowd. Every album he puts out he seems to grow and improve. He is never boring in my eyes. Also the fact that he has handled almost all his own production over his last few projects gets me excited. His beats are one of a kind and very imaginative, he is definitely a rare dude.



MF DOOM is one of a kind, one of the most imaginative rappers out there. He has very funny and smart one liners. His flow and delivery is low energy giving him a very distinctive sound. He is one of my favourites because his extravagant personality and brilliant sense of humour in his rhymes. He is also one hell of a producer too, his beats are very cool. His Special Herbs projects are great.

Just remember ALL CAPS when you spell the man name.


Wu-Tang Clan:

Wu-Tang have to be one of the greatest Hip-Hop groups of all time in my opinion. With 9 members in the group that means for an array of different personalities and oh boy is there a an eclectic bunch of characters in this group of rappers. For me this is a great thing because each member has their own style and personality. The RZA aka The Abbot is the energetic founder and leader, Ghostface Killah is the humourous metaphor king, Ol’ Dirty Bastard (now deceased) is the eccentric unique maniac, GZA the thoughtful genius, Raekwon the clever punchliner, Inspectah Deck the jack of all trades, Method Man the people’s champ, Masta Killa the quiet beat killer, U-God the baritone virtuoso, & Cappadonna the funny fashionista and now official 10th member.



Eminem was one of the first rappers that made me completely fall in love with Hip-Hop. To me he was just different to anyone I have heard before. He was so edgy and dangerous with his offensive lyrics but always pretty funny and witty. He is an extremely talented lyricist, his songs were small stories. His album ‘The Slim Shady LP‘ was the first record I went out on my own and bought on CD, for that he’ll always have a place in my heart. He has gone on to create some masterpieces; ‘The Marshall Mathers LP‘ and not everyone’s favourite but one of mine ‘Relapse‘. I find myself going back and listening to his first to two albums from the 90s, they are definitely timeless. Eminem will alway be one of my favourite rappers.


Cypress Hill:

I love Cypress Hill, I will alway hold them dear to me. They were one of the first Hip-Hop groups my older uncle made me and my brother a cassette tape of. I remember the first time I listened to the albums my uncle copied for us ‘Black Sunday‘ I found it rather eerie, as a young kid the their dark instrumentals kinda scared me slightly, more creeped me out really. The older I grew I embraced their darkness and I think it’s what kept me gripped. Their hooks can get stuck in your head for days. Their main emcee B-Real has one of the most distinctive voices in Hip-Hop, you can help but know you are listening to Cypress Hill the second you hear a snippet of him rapping. They have a very original sound and I love them for this. Not to mention Cypress Hill can rock it too, that’s hardcore!